Investment Approach

We understand what it takes to
develop and accelerate growth.

We have decades of experience building impactful partnerships with businesses delivering high-value, technology-enabled solutions and services to government and education clients. We understand what it takes to develop and accelerate growth because we have done it time and time again as both operators and investors.

How We Succeed

We run Attain Capital on three core principles:
Operator Led. Market Obsessed. People Focused.

We are Operator Led

With a deep understanding of what it takes to build, grow, and successfully transition a company to the next level, our results prove that our operationally-focused approach creates sustainable value. We’ve done it—time and time again.

We are Market Obsessed

With decades of experience not only building businesses in government and education, our experts hold numerous leadership roles in industry-government associations resulting in unparalleled relationships and reputation.

We are People Focused

We prioritize always doing the right thing for our stakeholders, our team members, and our communities. Every great company begins and ends with its people and its relationships, so we cultivate both every day.

Investment Criteria

Attain Capital seeks to partner with founder-led businesses that will benefit from our support, expertise, access to capital, and resources. Attain Capital works with management teams to implement its value creation playbook to drive strong outcomes for all of its portfolio company stakeholders.


Firms Serving Government and Education Markets

  • Software businesses optimizing government and education operations
  • Strategic and tech-enabled services supporting the government and education end-markets

Founder-Led Firms Seeking Guidance

  • Founder-led businesses with growth potential that will benefit from our support and expertise
  • Compelling theses that combine organic growth with operational efficiency, revenue diversification, and strategic M&A
  • Firms interested and open to active board involvement

Flexible with a Preference for Majority

  • Flexible investment structure—growth equity, recapitalization, management buyout
  • Primarily control investments
  • $10 million – $50 million target initial equity check

Platform Company Criteria

  • Revenue greater than $30 million for tech-enabled services businesses and $10 million ARR for software businesses
  • EBITDA of $3+ million with revenue growth greater than 10%
  • Top-tier management team and culture
  • High revenue visibility

Value-add partners.

We partner to grow enduring companies and create sustainable long-term value.

Our sense of purpose.

To understand how we attain insanely great success together, let’s start with The Attain Way.

Scale with a leader.

Our people embody passion, determination, and operational expertise.